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Once is not enough!

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When she crashed on that motorcycle, his own crash dive had begun.

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He took the blame for that. In the beginning none of the surgeons held any hope that she would ever walk. The paralysis was due to the concussion and called for immediate physical therapy. He flew in two surgeons from London and a top neurologist from Germany. They agreed with the specialists in Naughty lady looking sex tonight Alpine delay in physical therapy lessened the chances of recovery from paralysis, yet nothing could be done until the broken bones healed.

But he threw Franco off the set and let the director cut and edit the picture. He wanted to get out of Rome. But three months later she was still in a partial cast and unable to talk.

The picture opened in Rome to murderous reviews and Fuking woman in Alice business. In New York it was yanked out of a first-run house after one week and went straight to Forty-second Street on the bottom half of a double. He tried to be philosophical. Everyone had to have one flop. And this was long overdue. He had been on a winning streak since He told it to. He told it to the press.

Once Is Not Enough is the third novel by Jacqueline Susann, following her huge bestsellers Valley of the Dolls () and The Love Machine (). With Once. The percentage of users who rated this stars or higher. Verified Purchase. This person bought a ticket to see this movie. Learn more. Once Is Not Enough. by Jacqueline Susann. “[Susann's] pulp poetry resonates to this day. With her formula of sex, drugs and show business, Susann didn.

Was it just one flop—or had his luck run out? He had two more pictures to release through Century, and he could amortize the loss of this picture against the profits of the. It was a spy story from a best-selling novel. He started principal Naked women Evry in London, in October.

Each weekend he flew back to Rome; forcing himself to walk into that hospital room with a smile to match the one she always had for. He tried not to be disheartened at her lack of progress. She would make it.

She had to! On her eighteenth birthday she surprised him by taking a few laborious steps with the aid of Charleston South Carolina old sex women therapist and crutches. Her right arm had improved, but she still dragged her right leg.

Her speech was coming. There were times she halted or stuttered on a word. But he knew that was just a matter of time. But damn it!

Once Is Not Enough by Jacqueline Susann

If she could talk and use her right arm, what was holding up the progress of the leg? Certainly not the concussion anymore. But her smile Homer AK adult personals so bright and victorious. Her hair had grown back short and shaggy—she looked like a frail little boy. His throat felt dry. He felt it tighten as he forced a smile.

Eighteen years old, and so many months lost. After her birthday he had to go to the States to film the chase scenes in New York and San Francisco. Then there was the editing and final scoring in Los Angeles. He had high hopes for the picture; it had the smell of a winner. Like a mind bet. If the picture made it big—her recovery would be rapid. It opened with a big charity premiere in New York.

The klieg-light bit; the celebrities; Barry Once is not enough! interviewing the V. The audience applauded and frederikshavn guide escort in the right places. When the lights came up, the he of Century walked up the aisle with. Then on to the party Nude 24095 webcam the Americana, where they heard that the first reviews on TV had been bad.

The New York Times was all that counted. At midnight they learned the Times had murdered it that was when the he of the studio left the party. The head of Century publicity, an optimistic man named Sid Goff, shrugged it off. Besides, word of mouth will make the picture.

Business was weak, but Sid Goff was still cheerful. The people will love it. It limped along in Detroit. In Chicago it bombed completely.

And Philadelphia and other key cities refused it at first-run houses.

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He had been so sure of the picture. Two flops in a row. And now he faced the old show business superstitution. Everything bad comes in threes. But he had no choice.

He had to do the picture; it was part of his contract. He had a three-picture deal. The more he thought about it, the more his confidence grew.

His return to Broadway would be an event. Money would be no problem. He was worth several million.

Once is not enough!

What was a few hundred thousand bucks? The only thing—he had to come up with a hot script. He was in high spirits when he flew to Rome to see January, but when he saw her hobble toward him, still dragging her leg, it hit him for the first time that she just might not walk.

Her bright smile and eager excitement only added Sexy lonely women in Joliet his feeling of despair.

Once Is Not Enough | Grove Atlantic

She wanted to know all about the new picture. Why had he picked unknowns?

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Who was the leading man? When could she read the final shooting script? He forced himself to invent stories and gossip with an enthusiasm that came hard.

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He held his panic until he was alone with the doctors. Then his rage and fear exploded. What was all this crap about her making steady progress? All the good reports he had received during the past few months?

They admitted she was not responding as quickly as they had hoped. But he must realize. They had not been able to start the physical therapy as soon as they.

Once is not enough!

Then they told him the facts. She would improve. But she would always limp and possibly have to use a cane. That night he went on a wild drunk with Melba Delitto. And when they wound up at her apartment, he paced and raged about the doctors, the hospital, the hopelessness of it all. Melba tried to calm. I not even hold my one big flop against you.

But now you have done another bad picture. This next one must be good. Just go to work and forget about her? But Once is not enough! have your own life to live. Stop fighting for the impossible. His whole life had been a fight to attain the impossible. Son of a mother who deserted him Once is not enough! he was. Father, an Irish prizefighter who died from a lucky punch from a third-rate kid. A life of growing up on his own in South Philadelphia. Enlisting in the Air Force at seventeen because anything seemed better than the world he knew.

And then the war. They had families who were waiting for them to come home. She left Doctors Hospital after a blood transfusion, did the show, walked around the corner, got into an ambulance and went back to Lowell indian adult match required hospital.

Reception[ edit ] The book, published by William Morrow on March 20,met with negative reviews, as was typical for a Susann novel. A writer for The New York Times complained that the book had "nearly steadily monotonous s," populated by "a cast of obscure, Goreville IL cheating wives, implausible, stupid or sly characters [who] lurk in the mind for weeks only because one wants to Look to Sioux Falls South Dakota slow and go from there and kick.

Once Is Not Enough () - IMDb

Epstein Casablanca. Koch and executive-produced by Susann's husband, Irving Mansfield. The musical score was composed by Henry Mancini. The film received negative reviews; Vincent Canbyin The New York Times, offered a multiple-choice "audience participation" review, in which the reader was given four choices ludicrous, bad, terrible, horrendous by which to evaluate the movie. Unsure what to do Highland jamaica nude her life, January is advised by an old friend, Linda Riggs, now a magazine editor, to author a book.

Linda enjoys a free-spirit life Movie date the other f word many lovers and urges January to do likewise.

But due in no small part to her father complexJanuary instead falls for a much-older Tom Colt, a hard-drinking, impotent novelist who is an adversary of her father's. Mike bitterly resents the affair. He punches Colt upon catching January in a Beverly Hills hotel bungalow with.

Mike orders his daughter to make a choice between them, and Colt gives her the Mature women wanting sex Hilo1 tx ultimatum.

She chooses her lover.