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As comets move in their orbits around the Sun, they leave debris all along their orbits.

These small pieces burn up in our atmosphere when we encounter them, causing the streaks of light that we see. With this shower they are entering the atmosphere at aboutmph. Some Perseids can also be seen early in the morning the Nude Mulhouse girls on either side of the peak.

If clouds are predicted to be a problem, you can also watch the mornings of August 11 and Notice below how meteors can appear anywhere in the sky, but if you trace their paths backward they all converge on one point in the constellation of Perseus.

Aldebaran is the brightest star in the constellation Taurus. Looking east 3 hours before sunrise.

A pretty crescent Moon just above Venus. Can you find some of the other bright stars in the area before the sky gets too bright? The Moon is directly between the Earth and Sun and not visible.

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I have no doubt about it. It's been called the "moon illusion. There's no definitive answer, although researchers have been theorizing about it for years.

A low-hanging moon is actually no wider than any other moon that's been proven with camerasbut the human brain can see it differently. Huntsville The moon will set Saturday morning at a.

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Will the weather cooperate to see it tonight? Friday darker blues ify clearer skies; grays indicate more clouds : Here's the sky cover forecast for 8 p.

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The day starts humid, and then humidity drops by mid-day. Thursday is mainly sunny with temperatures in the upper 80s inland, and near 80 at the coast.

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The rest of the area is dry with partly sunny skies.